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Roofing materials 

To protect themselves from the Sun or rain, the pergola is often covered with a screen. What are the systems and usable materials?

The canisses for shade

The canisse is the traditional material to generate the shade under a pergola. Both economic and aesthetic, this natural screen is available in several materials.  [Read more...]

Textile stretched

The traditional canisse is replaced by a canvas. What are the usable textiles? How to set the canvas?  [Read more...]

Depliantes paintings

A spread + foldout canvas to take advantage of a rising sun but to shade when it is too strong. What are the three main systems?  [Read more...]

Pergola steerable blade

This new and attractive system to modulate the light like a Venetian blind. How does it work? How to make yourself?  [Read more...]

Hard covers

When we want to be sheltered from rain permanently and effectively, it is possible to cover the pergola with watertight elements. What are the usable materials?  [Read more...]

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