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The styles of pergola

Wednesday 14 December 2011,

There are a multitude of styles. Here is a sample, and image. Look, get inspired and choose or create your own style.


The classic style is characterized by simple shapes with few Fireworks. One could almost define it by the absence of style. It is a two-man style. Something between rustic and contemporary. The majority of the models of trade are in classic style.
All materials are possible: wood, metal, aluminium, pvc (ugh!).
The classic style of adapts to almost all styles of homes and gardens.

Pergola wood backed with railing
Simple Bower
Simple Bower
Classic Pergola corner
Classic Pergola corner


The romantic style is characterized by the use of round forms, and the use of details: arabesque, volutes, floral or animal grounds.
The wrought iron is the most appropriate material.
The use of climbing plants and curtains enhance the romantic side.
The romantic style suitable for romantic houses, in country house.

Use of curtains
Use of curtains
Romantic gloriette
Scroll wrought iron
Scroll wrought iron


The classic style is characterized by the use of raw material, see coarse. Wood is the material of choice. Poles are so massive, the edges are sometimes bevel to the former. The tenon and mortise Assembly is highlighted. Sometimes may be moldings.
In extreme cases, the rustic pergola is made from trunks and branches just heightened and debarked.
The rustic style is suitable for a house in the countryside, itself of rustic style.

Rustic pergola with roof tiles
Use of logs for the poles
Use of logs for the poles
Use of trunks and branches
Use of trunks and branches


The contemporary style is characterized by simple shapes, see simplistic. Avoid absolutely the superfluous but not always the tape-to-l’oeil. The right angle is the reference. But you can sometimes see rounds, for example in a curved roof. Sections can be massive or on the contrary any finesse.
Almost all materials are used: wood, galvanized metal, aluminum and iron forged almost never plastic.
The contemporary style suitable for dwellings of modern style but also, paradoxically, to very old homes of characters (mansion, renovated farms) whose style contrast highlights both the pergola and housing. The contemporary is moderately to a classical House and at a country House very rustic.

Simplicity of the structure wood for this contemporary pergola
Simplicity of the structure wood for this contemporary pergola
Contemporary wrought iron

Piece of massive wood but contemporary aspect
Piece of massive wood but contemporary aspect
Pergola all steel galvanized
Pergola all steel galvanized
Structure wood very contemporary


With this style, it is in the bizarre, singular. The creator intended to shock, it is safe, to assert his creativity. All materials are usable. Everything is permitted.

Flipping for Ramses II
Between capital and flying saucer
It rolls for them


Ethnic style is that inspired the trip, distant lands. Indeed, there is not a but ethnic hundreds of style: with straw as African huts, oriental, Asian, Caribbean, Indian, etc.
The ethnic style can agree to a house the same style but also to give character to a home who is not.

A pergola in Marrakech
Gloriette in Tahiti


The Zen style is absolutely contemporary, with common, dark colors and purity of forms. Often, the side Zen of a pergola is strengthened or obtained by its environment: a Zen Garden with grass, bamboo, pebbles, raked gravel and floor tiles.
The Zen style is suitable for a contemporary home. However, ensure to keep a significant similarity between the styles of the pergola and housing.

Pagoda inspiration
Dark and topiaires plants give a side zen in this contemporary pergola
Dark, grass and pebble


This style evokes the Roman houses or the medieval castles. The ancient aspect is always given by the style of the columns. The roof is made of wood and classic. Attention, this style is suitable only for dwellings of ancient style.

Pergola with Roman columns
Ancient columns
Antique Pergola accompanying a path

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