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Constituent elements

Thursday 10 May 2012,

Nomenclature of the main elements

ID Name Section Length  [1] Backlog Qty com [2]
A Poles 9x9 cm 280 cm 4 0 x 250 cm
B Carrying beams 15x3.8 cm 380 cm 4 x 350 cm
C Joists 15x3.8 cm 265 cm 9 x 250 cm
D Shear legs 9x9 cm 80 cm 4 2 x @ LA_com cm<\span>
E Shear legs 9x9 cm 80 cm 4 Qty of workable parts in D falls: @ E_qte_danschute
<\span> 1 x @ LA_com cm<\span>
F Slats [3] 3x3 cm 380 cm 18 20 x 350 cm
G Foot finishes (caches) 2x7.5 cm 13 cm 16 2 x 200 cm


Name Backlog Use
Pole foot 4 Support of the posts
Tirefond D8, L50, galvanized 32 Fixing poles feet
Puck D8 32 to add to the crews
Ankle to concrete for tirefond D8 16 To set the slab feet
Screw wood D6, L120, electro-galvanized 50 - Fixation of the legs of bracing to posts
- Fixation of the joists to the beams-bearing
Screw wood D5, L60, electro-galvanized or stainless steel (ideally) 164 Fixing battens to the joists
Threaded rod D12, L =16.6cm 12 A cut in more threaded rods long
Nut D12 24 to fix threaded rods
Puck D12 24 for the nuts
Stainless steel nails or screws stainless steel D3, L =110 48 Binding of the feet finishes

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[1Do not cut to length at the beginning of construction but follow the guide in the following pages. So plan a little longer at time of purchase.

[2It’s the whole commercial length pieces, before cuts


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