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Climbing plants for pergolas

Monday 26 December 2011,

One of the major uses of the pergola is to serve as a support for climbing plants. Plants provide a pleasant shade and changing colors with the seasons

Choose a vine for pergola according to different criteria such as:

  • the speed of growth, we want to take advantage of the shade quickly,
  • its odour, it must be pleasant but not Excel.
  • its beauty.

Need to expect a few annoyances:

  • the fall of the leaves in autumn in the deciduous plants,
  • the flowers may attract insects including the more undesirable. If it remains in reasonable proportions, this faculty can become an advantage. It is better having bees in the flowers in the plate.

It is often best to choose a deciduous plant that will be apparent the winter for the benefit of a best sunshine. But this pay by a collection of dead leaves when autumn comes.


These plants will give you satisfaction for many years. Some, such as the Kiwi are almost small trees. All plants listed below are rustic. They require a size, both to promote the growth of young branches and to limit an excessive force.

PlantsBenefitsDisadvantagesSoil typeShow
Very decorative foliage, beautiful inflorescence Very talkative (this is a quality) but not for small ergolas.Rich, fresh, and well drained soil semi-shade
Wide coverage well drained, fresh and deep Sun
Very fragrant especially in evening ery toxic .fruits, attention to children. Sometimes hairy aspect Ordinary Sun, semi-shade
Beautiful, very fragrant flowers Attracts bees Fertile, humic, well drained, sheltered situation Sun or semi-shade
Rapid growth, fragrant Dominatrix, no associations with other lants.Poor or sandy, not too limestone Sun, semi-shade
Rapid growth handsome foliage lowers pas.Rich, fresh, see wet Sun, semi-shade, sheltered
Very covering foliage and white flowers abundant and fragrant A little less rustic than other Ordinary Sun, semi-shade
Green all year round Product of spikes to grab. Difficult to remove. Permanent shade is may not be there is better in the winter? Do not let the Ivy back to the roof, he could raise the iles.Ordinary soleil, semi-shade shade
Fruit, won’t attract insects It is a vigorous vine which can tire a little lightweight structure all soils Sun
Climbing rose
Colourful The spines it bite All types but preference humic Sun
Virgin vines
Virgin vines
Beautiful foliage. Bright color in the fall. Without danger to the tructure.Do not drink the toxic fruits produced many waste in the fall Ordinary, rich humus Sun, semi-shade

Of the climbing annual

And why not plant annuals for your pergola? These plants have a very rapid growth but you need to reseed them each year. They agree if the surface to cover is not too important (not more than 3 m of the foot). The great advantage is that we can change each year, making the experience. But coverage may not be as important as a perennial installed long time. Can also be used an annual in addition to perennial, for example to fill a little less dense area.

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