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The canisses for shade

Friday 30 December 2011,

Initially, the pergola was invented for this, to protect summer zeal. The traditional solution is to faire grow vines.. But this solution has some drawbacks, is not always feasible or is simply not aesthetic criteria. See other solutions.

The canisse split bamboo

Canisse split bamboo
Canisse split bamboo

Obtained by splitting bamboo lamella Assembly. Binding by galvanized wire. Normally intended for use in closing.

  • Benefits: the most economical, available in large lengths and widths.
  • Disadvantages: Aspect more rustic and less subtle than others, average occultation.
  • Cost: 2.50-€3 / m²

Bamboo whole

Cover entire bamboo
Cover entire bamboo

Assembly of bamboo. Binding by galvanized wire.

  • Advantages: Very resistant, available in large lengths and widths, can make either-even if you have to purify the waste.
  • Disadvantages: Rollers are heavy. Prices for the manufactured product.
  • Cost: 15-€18 / m² (or free if home-made)

The paillon

Rush Paillon

Assembly of large straws, fine bamboo rods, sometimes in the rush stems or rye. Binding by plasticized son or son nylon. Usually used in decoration.

  • Benefits: economic, available in large lengths and widths, near aesthetics of wicker.
  • Disadvantages: little resistant.
  • Cost: 3-€4 / m²

The canisse Wicker

Wicker canisse

Assembly of fine Wicker rods. Binding by galvanized wire. Normally intended for use in closing.

  • Advantages: aesthetics.
  • Disadvantages: high cost.
  • Cost: 6 to €8 / m²

The brande of Bruyère

Assembly of thin shoots of Heather. Very tight weave and binding by galvanized wire.

  • Advantages: Resistant to moisture, gives an air of beach, effective shading.
  • Disadvantages: high cost.
  • Cost: 5 to €12 / m²



In PVC, polyethylene and polypropylene slats. Sold to the breeze-view/windbreak.

  • Advantages: Resistant to moisture.
  • Disadvantages: high cost, to bleaches and becomes brittle in the Sun, a false impression of durability, disastrous carbon footprint.
  • Cost: 7 to €14 / m²

< begin_encart1|align = center|width=70%>Ma notes display:
people buying products in plastic because it is believe that they last longer and without maintenance. It is false. Plastic product lasts no more than 8 years in outside, and much less for flexible plastic products. These articles produced by large industrial groups are attractive to shareholders. Petroleum-based products are easy to produce in large quantities, requires a hand for low skilled production, are produced in China or in low-cost countries. They allow to create added value and therefore achieve strong profits. Don’t be a gogo as your neighbor.

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