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Depliantes paintings

Monday 2 January 2012,

A spread + foldout canvas to take advantage of a rising sun but to shade when it is too strong. What are the three main systems?

When the canvas is folded, you can enjoy the Sun, the terrace turns into a solarium. The more, the canvas may be stowed under a shelter, for example an advance of roof or a trunk, and thus be put out of the weather.
When it is deployed, the canvas provides a pleasant shade.

Folding/unfolding is assured:

  • manually, by a crank or a rope.
  • electrically

The advantages of the electrical system are multiple: Automation with Sun, rain, wind, time. And especially convenient and effortless implementation. However, it is really much more expensive.

For mechanical reasons, the canvas unfolds in the direction of the slope.

The Velum: spread + foldout canvas accordion

A magnificent contemporary velum

It is the simplest system, and it is achievable by a good handyman. The technical principle is simple: the canvas is suspended by small fasteners that slide along cables or rails. Slide system is provided by ropes and pulleys.

The canvas folds in accordion. Folded, it takes a certain height, 10-40 cm. For this reason, the canvas is located under the structure (for example, a pergola wooden joists). More sliding fasteners are closely spaced and less the folded canvas takes height.

Sometimes draughts are mounted in the canvas to the rigidity. This is not compulsory but if there is not, the canvas will be more bulk.

The canvas unfolds in the meaning of the slope
Horizontal Velum

To build your collapsible Velum yourself, see this article: A pergola with store accordion home made

The store banne

Store banne

Mobile outside the store or store banne is a very common solution. It consists of a tube of coil attached to the wall in which the canvas is wrapped. The load bar is deployed by releasing the canvas of the reel. One or more arms support the load bar and accompany the movement.

On a pergola can put the store banne below or above the structure. In the latter case, needed the high enough so that it touches the pergola at the end of race, and he found himself eventually stuck.

This is not a common solution for a pergola. Because the store banne is self-supporting and does not have structure. But there are specially designed for the pergola reel blinds. See the video of this Italian constructor:

Canvas spread + foldout roller

The cover is fully deployed
The cover is fully deployed
one of the sections of fabric is translucent

It is a hybrid solution. The cover is made up of several parts of paintings. Each canvas folds and unfolds in an individual reel. When the store is completely folded, the retractors are side by side.


  • large hedgeable surfaces,
  • takes little room,
  • waterproof.

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