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Pergola steerable blade

Tuesday 3 January 2012,

This new and attractive system to modulate the light like a Venetian blind. How does it work? How to make yourself?

Pergola manual steerable blade
Arbor wood of Douglas with steerable blade

This ingenious system allows the user to manage the amount of light passing through the pergola cover... In the winter or early spring, can guide blades in such a way that the Sun’s rays penetrate to the maximum. But in the summer, the blades can be totally closed to completely obscure the Sun. The cover is tight if the blades are closed.

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The industrial models

Models sold in the trade are made from aluminum. They can adapt to an existing pergola, wood, wrought iron, from above or from below. The blades are moving on an angle of 160 °.

Some models are equipped with blades having a very special profile (see video above) which allows to ensure tightness even with a slope zero.

Most of the stores are equipped with a remote control with stored positions. A weather station can be coupled to automate the closing of the lath strong rain. These equipment inflate the invoice, while a simple manual crank system might be appropriate.

There is no to kits adaptable to all situations. You need to appeal to a craftsman storiste, who will come take dimensions, will manufacture your store in the workshop, and then come install you it on the spot.

But all this debauchery of technology has a price, and it is exorbitant: about €700 / m², understood installation. Is it reasonable?

Another drawback: this aluminium system has a very technical look. It will be in a very contemporary environment but it may distort the aspect a beautiful pergola wooden or iron forged.

Then why not make yourself?

The bioclimatic pergola, hum hum!

I have seen leaflets in which there was mention of "bioclimatic pergola". Explains you that with the modulation of the light, you will limit the heating on your terrace, and therefore you will make energy savings. A little more, it would convince you that you are going to earn money and to make tax savings.

Be not fooled by this fashion marketing, it is the powder in the eyes. Course, this system allows to limit the temperature rise, but it is to a certain limit. You do rafraichirez not the ambient air, unlike climbing plants for example.

So, you prevent your air conditioning energy consumption, if you had one, the amortization of the cost of such equipment may be only several hundred, see thousands of years.

This system is comfortable and practical. It is an established fact. But gentlemen industrial, not in do not too much the same.

Make the deflectable slats blind yourself

Schematic diagram
Schematic diagram
Motorization of steerable blade

Although the implementation is technical, the principle is simple. It seems to me that the construction is in the scope of a very good handyman.

As a first step, may be without power, at least to make a prototype and realize the difficulties.

For the blade material:

  • aluminum is not in the scope of a handyman, unless he was working in a sheet metal alu.
  • steel is possible, but the weight is likely to be fatal.
  • wood is the choice that seems the most reasonable, and the more aesthetic. But a few considerations to take into account:

Wood dilates virtually not long but it can work, is twisting. This can induce significant constraints on the axes of rotation of the blade, and make more difficult pivot. Multiply by the number of blades, squarely, this can prevent the mobility of the blades. An idea is to mount the wood on profile steel blade. This is the profile that is the axis of rotation and it can absorb a part of the wood blade deformation. It will take a blade too fine to limit deformations or too thick to limit weight and intensity of constraints. Choose a gasoline deemed stable, free from knots for softwood.

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Evidence : appeal

If you have done yourself such a system, your experience me interested. Come share it. Possibility of interesting rewards.

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