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Thursday 22 December 2011,

Even if the construction of a pergola does not require a highly sophisticated tools, there is still a minimum. If you are a very casual tinkerer, I’ll give you the list of absolutely essential tools. I complete the list with tools that will allow you to work with comfort and precision.

Buy, rent or borrow

"It is the quality of its tools that it recognizes a good craftsman" the proverb says. Yes, but the quality of a tool is not more important than the hand that carries.

For the handyman, it is a matter of compromise between the use, frequency of use, comfort and budget. Except for the wealthy individual who does not want to bother, bring consistently high price is not always the smartest solution.

For the tools that you use regularly, especially those subject to test, choose instead a brand, see professional equipment for intensive use. For my part, my favorite brands include AEG and BOSCH.

For the occasional tools, the first awards made-in-china may be good purchases. Simply well analyze the tool before purchase, scrutinize the details and finish, quality of plastics. Of course, should not be too demanding, but there are differences in the quality of one product to another in the same price range. Buy with discernment and intelligence. If possible, use the tool during the first year of warranty. If it is the shit, he claquera during this period and he will most remain only to a standard Exchange.

Finally, for very occasional use, rental is a rational option that allows to work with pro tools. However, this solution presents significant drawbacks: he must pick up the tool and bring it back. And even if it is available. There is the pure tool a short period. Or a pergola construction can spread over several days, see several weeks if you can work that weekend. Finally, the location it is expensive.

Finally, there is the possibility to borrow from a friend. But I the recommend especially if it is a true friend, and if it is a power tool. I have experience in this field. Being a great handyman, I have lots of tools and regularly come to see me for borrow me. I will tell you the truth: you will take less care with a tool borrowed unless it was your personal tool. And you will find your buddy, a little more worn tool, if it is not broken. How many times I have where as a tool that it had made me was finally out of use. And of course, I reports me at the time to use it. And even if it takes care, a tool it wears, especially a power. It is not a tool, are given time to use.

List of tools: the Union minimum

Here is the list of the strict necessary. If you are missing a tool, get the car otherwise you will not build correctly.

Path : tools

Ballpoint To make your mark on the wood, nothing beats it good old style BIC
Pen felt For trace on the masonry or metal
Level bubble A model of small size can be sufficient
5 M tape
Carpenter Square To be traces of good perpendicular Cup
To make property rights axis traces, or verify the alignments. A simple coil of wire is case

Hand tools:

Hand aw.
Hand saw
If you must buy one, take a table saw. You’ll save time.
A need at one time or another to type something
Cale + glass cloth
Glass paper + dock
To break the angles, deburring your cuts. You can make the dock yourself from a Clipboard and a piece of ornament
Need you screwdriver flat and Phillips screws in various sizes
Multi-Tine clamp
Multi-Tine clamp
To maintain, remove, etc.

Hand-held tools :

To make the holes, the pilot hole, or even screw. Ideally to have a drill-driver

Category standard

Path : tools

Tracer cordeau To materialize your axes, including porous materials
Rule of 2 m macon
rule macon
To check the flatness or ines. Level bubble of macon
level macon
It is a large level that allows to check the level of large parts

Hand tools:

More inertia than the hammer. Suitable to adjust by small acoups, or to break down
Key pipe 10 and 13
Pipe wrench
For screwing of screws, bolts, etc.

Hand-held tools :

Circular saw
Electro-portative circular saw
For cutting of large length, especially in the longitudinal direction
Jigsaw To achieve a little more delicate cuts, notches, etc.
Electric drill-driver
Electric screwdriver
The essential tool of the Builder
Flat fuses
Flat Wick
To make blind holes including large-diameter

Category MEGA-Builder

List of the big do-it-yourself tools.
Depending on the complexity of your pergola, all these tools are not necessarily useful.

Path : tools

4 M macon rule To check the flatness and lignments. Tape of 10 m or more
Level laser
Level laser
These products are democratized. They allow to do levels, alignments, the perpendiculars. If possible, take it in autostabilise
Macon square
Angle of Mâcon
Large metal bracket to make perpendicular

Hand tools:

Maillet rubber
Rubber Mallet
To type without damaging
Mobile Workbench with vise Allows to work with more comfort, without having to down to catch the tools. Helps to maintain a room, etc.

Hand-held tools :

|Allows for cutting of metal or masonry. A small and a large models are necessary|
|Texas chain saw|

|To debit the large pieces of wood|
|Saw electric tab|

Saw power tab

|To make straight cuts with comfort, speed, accuracy and security. Cuts are across an angle of 45 ° to 90 °. When once has tasted this tool, can no longer do without|
|Electric plane|

|To use coins in thickness|
|Vibrating Sander|

|For finishing|
|A compressor with accessories: Puffer, key shock|

|It is a versatile equipment which allows to connect a multitude of|neumatic air tools.
|Fuse double-floor|

|Allows for avant-trous securing a screw head|asin.

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