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Contemporary Pergola in wrought iron

Saturday 17 December 2011,

Here is an example of pergola that demonstrates the technique of wrought iron can be used to perform very contemporary works. We appreciate once more the know-how of Boris KLEIN and the delicacy of its achievements.

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Support with taking pole. In second place, a magnificent guard before edginess.

On the merits, the structure of this pergola is classic. Three columns supporting a roof made of sleepers.

The inclination of the metal studs outwards and their streamlined shape make the pergola voluntary and dynamic look. Each post is reinforced by a double tie.

The front bearing element consists of two round assembled by connectors. On this element are based metal beams. Aspect is very "mechanical" and refers to the beginning of the industrial air, railway, a small side "Metropolis" stuffed with luxury. And yet, the whole impression of modernity.

We also appreciate the railings all in roundness. The fact-hand work that it sees no other.

Sure, the owners of this House have had to invest a large sum for this work of art. But it will pass through the generations and will be the feature of the place.

With the access staircase
Beautiful work!

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