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List of tools

Thursday 7 June 2012,

Here is the list of the tools needed for the construction of your pergola. Do not start work without ensure you that everything is available, at least the essential tools.


All these tools are essential. Without them, you can’t build properly.

A bubble level
A Carpenter Square
Pencil tracing

Hand saw
Multi-Tine clamp

Pipe wrench

Flat Wick

Useful tools

These tools provide real comfort or allow to work more quickly, or with more details. You can pass you but their use is recommended. If you don’t have these tools, that can not lend them you, do not spend your money to acquire, unless you feel the soul of a mega-Builder.

A cord drawn powder
A rule of macon of 3 m or more

Angle of Mâcon
Rubber Mallet

Glass paper + dock
Electro-portative circular saw
Saw power tab

Box tab
Electric screwdriver

Your checklist

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