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Cost estimate
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Cost estimate

Monday 11 June 2012,

For the calculation of the cost, you must first do a little design in two steps:

1 determine the dimensions of your pergola: Click here.. For this step, you have a first estimate below.

2 But to get a more accurate estimate, you must take into account close materials actual rates you. To do this, go here

The estimates below do not include the hardware, but only the material wood. For hardware, expect an additional EUR 50.

Estimate 1: prices in store: €

This method of calculation takes into account the rates that you identified at the store, on dimensions of set pieces, and that you have deferred on This page..

ID Name Cost TTC
A Poles 0 €
B Carrying beams 0 €
C Joists 0 €
D Shear legs 29.9 €
E Shear legs 14.95 €
F Slats 48 €
G Foot finishes 4.4 €
TOTAL 97.25 €

Estimate 2: sawmill price: €

This alternative method of calculation is based on a purchase in sawmill. Buy his sawmill wood offers great benefits:

  • You can choose the exact sections of your parts,
  • You can access tree species found in SSG Douglas-fir or larch,
  • the possible lengths are closest to your actual needs, so you have less falls,
  • the final price is generally much lower.

Sawyers generally practice a rate to the m3. Contact and ask this cost your Sawyer, and see it in the form below.

In general, cutting lengths are a module Cup longitudinal function your Sawyer will tell you. For example, with a cup of 50 cm module, you can request parts 200, 250, 300, 350, etc. If you need 280 cm, it will propose you 300 cm. Ask your Sawyer and see the module in the form below.

< form|formidable|id = scierie_1 >

ID Name Volume Cost TTC
A Poles 0.0972 M3 45.68 €
B Carrying beams 0.0912 M3 42.86 €
C Joists 0.1539 M3 72.33 €
D Shear legs 0.0324 M3 15.23 €
E Shear legs 0.0324 M3 15.23 €
F Slats 0.0648 M3 30.46 €
G Foot finishes 0.0128 M3 6.02 €
TOTAL 0.4847 m3 227.81 €

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